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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In Focus: Daguerreotypes at The Getty

This past weekend I packed a picnic and headed to the hillside lawn at The Getty with baby and a visiting friend in tow. After taking in the views, good food, solid tummy time, and thoughtful conversation with a friend, we checked out the new exhibit at The Getty - In Focus: Daguerreotypes. The collection of "mirrors with a memory" on sensitized silver plates were both impressive and haunting. Unlike a photograph, the plates do not brown or crack with wear and time. The portraits from 175 years ago seemed to follow you around the room, tiny Mona Lisa's with a lot more shine. The exhibit is small and dark, but also a perfect place to take a sleepy baby ready for a nap in the stroller. Parking at The Getty is $15 before 4pm ($10 after 4pm) and admission is free.  For more information check out

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