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Friday, April 24, 2015

Newport Beach Film Festival April 23 - 30

The Newport Beach Film Festival is up and running through April 30th with a fantastic Family Shorts program, kid-friendly events, as well as a Youth Film Showcase. See below for more information!

Family Shorts

Saturday, April 25th, 2015 - 1:15 PM - Island Cinema 

U.S.A. - 2014 - 11:57
Director: Joe Petrilla
A hell-bent bunch of boys break into an abandoned cargo trailer. Their conquest is interrupted by the owner of the vehicle’s unexpected return.

Page’s Great And Grand Escape
U.S.A. - 2014 - 10:00
Director: Micky Levy
Page is a 16-year-old who dreams about being beautiful and popular. Luckily for Page, she has a special gift that just might enable her to pull off the biggest escape of all: an escape from herself.

Dave’s Wild Life
United Kingdom - 2013 - 08:18 Director: Samuel De Ceccatty
Dave is a socially awkward retail assistant who has never given up on his dream to make wildlife documentaries, and transforms every minute of his mundane life into an adventure by imagining undiscovered urban creatures.

The Present
Germany - 2014 - 4:20
Director: Jacob Frey
Jake spends all of his time playing video games indoors. One day, his mother comes home with a present that forces him up and off the couch.

The Milky WayU.S.A. - 2014 - 7:12
Director: Eliza Weiss
A quirky and anachronistic young woman must pour her efforts into her job selling milk in order to prove that she can succeed on her own.

U.S.A. - 2014 - 9:30
Director: Sarah Smith
4th grade is all about fitting in. For 10 year-old Daniel that means owning the latest in Hello Kitty fashion, liking the cutest boy in class, and passing as Asian when everyone else thinks you’re white.

So You’ve Grown Attached
U.S.A. - 2014 - 14:55
Director: Kate Tsang
An off-beat comedy about Ex, an imaginary friend, who is forced to consider retirement when his creator, Izzy, starts to grow up.

The Magic BraceletU.S.A. - 2013 - 18:00
Director: Jon Poll
Ashley inherits a totem bracelet from a friend who died of Mitochondrial Disease (the same illness she herself battles). It leads the girls on a mystical journey of discovery in which a new level of friendship, family, and healing is revealed. Starring Bailee Madison and Hailee Steinfeld, featuring Jackson Rathbone, Kaitlin Doubleday, J.k. Simmons and James Van Der Beek.

The Tunes Behind The Toons Special Screening and Discussion
U.S.A. - 2013 - 28 min
Sunday, April 26th, 2015 - 3:00 PM Island Cinema Tickets: $14

The Tunes Behind the Toons is a short form documentary that celebrates music in animation. From the silent film days when organist and pianists played live accompaniments to cartoons and movies to contemporary animated features, this documentary trances the origins of cartoon music and its pioneers. It emphasizes the collaborative process between storytellers and composers, and that the animation art form developed hand in hand with music. The film celebrates the composers and musicians behind some of the most memorable animated shorts including interviews with Alan Menken, Randy Newman, Patrick Doyle, Mark Watters, Bruce Broughton, Richard Sherman and many others. It features film clips from a variety of studios including Disney, Warner Bros, Fleischer Bros. and Pixar.

Director: Dave Bossert
Join Dave Bossert after the film for an in depth discussion covering all aspects of music in animation.

Another Evening of Disney Rarities with Oscar® Nominated Film Producer Don Hahn
& Disney Creative Director David Bossert
Sunday, April 26th, 2015 - 5:00 PM Lido Live
Tickets: $14

After a hiatus last year, Academy Award winning producer Don Hahn and director/producer Dave Bossert are back showcasing a vast variety of clips and sharing stories and insight behind each project. This should be a fun filled evening of obscure cartoons and training films produced by Walt Disney during WW2, a recently restored Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Cartoon, and amazing footage to celebrate Disneyland’s upcoming 60th Anniversary with a surprise Guest. Now in its sixth year, Another Evening of Disney Rarities promises to take audiences on a fun and unique journey through rarely seen treasures.

Youth Film Showcase
Saturday, April 25th, 2015 - 2:30 PM - Island Cinema - Ages 10 and above
Celebrating its eleventh year, the Youth Film Showcase will spotlight an eclectic collection of short films created by filmmakers 18 years and younger. By providing a forum and audience for emerging filmmakers, the Festival seeks to promote youth creativity and freedom of expression through cinema.

The Great Magician (O Grande Mágico)Brazil - 2014 - 07:09
Director: Pietro Lago
This short film reveals the intrinsic bond uniting grandchildren and grandparents. The supreme and sublime love generates care, and at the same time creates the pain and the fear of losing someone who is loved so deeply.

Two And A Quarter MinutesU.S.A. - 2014 - 06:43
What goes through one’s mind in the two-and-a- quarter minutes it takes on average for someone to drow n?

Love And The Art Of Frisbee FlightU.S.A. - 2014 - 07:23
Director: Alex Brisker
A young boy and girl become friends over a quest to find the boy’s frisbee, crossing lengthy public park landscapes and facing big, bad, bullies.

Home CookingU.S.A. - 2014 -01:26
Director: Elizabeth Herrick
A young girl finds out that her college roommate’s cooking is very different from her mom’s home cooking.

It’s A ThingU.S.A. - 2014 - 04:53
Director: Meredith Morran, Sage Mccommas, Sebastian Crank
A short exploration of two quirky high school students with irrational fears. They find each other and the power of love.

The BriefcaseU.S.A. - 2013 - 08:42
Director: Nick Paskhover
A lonely homeless man finds hope in a mysterious briefcase.

One ThingU.S.A. - 2014 - 04:28
Director: Morgan Gardiner
A young girl’s stresses in life build up and become overwhelming when she realizes she may have lost the neighbor’s cat.

Backyard OfficeUnited States -- 05:27
Director: Mahala Sakaeda
A profile of the Noble Horse Sanctuary, a place that focuses on equestrian therapy specifically catering to veterans.

Below The Surface
U.S.A. - 2014 - 03:55
Director: Neema Sadeghi, Rona Ahdout
A girl reflects on the precious moments she had with her sister as she slowly comes to terms with her guilt and reaches her absolution.

Little Red
United States - 2014 - 3:28
Director: Wynter Rhys
A dark interpretation of the classic Brother’s Grimm fairy tale.

The Rhythm Of HealingUnited States - 2014 - 07:00
Director: Imani Cook-Gist
Dancer Imani Cook-Gist shares the healing power of music and dance in Rwanda, a country devastated
by a 1994 genocide in which one million people were slaughtered in 100 days. Traditional dancers, music students and the country’s most famous Gospel singer.

U.S.A. - 2014 - 2:48
Director: Katie Ehrlich
A celebration of hands and all that they do in our lives.

Curt Lowens: A Life Of Changes
United States - 2014 - 06:06
Director: Justin Binder, August Blum, Robert Carlson, Levi Glaser, George Khabbaz, Kayla Mossanen, Tammy Shine
Personal testimonial and animation bring to the screen Holocaust survivor Curt Lowens’ story of escape and resistance during World War II.

Tick Tock
U.S.A. - 2015 - 05:14
Director: Tiffany Shin
In a world where balloons represent one’s life span, a young introvert takes care of his bedridden grandmother every day: that is, until one day when her balloon deflates.

Denmark - 2015 - 07:16
Director: William Rudbeck Lindhardt
Tobias is getting bullied at school. All the while, his subconscious tries to help him obtain stability. A hallucination of a friend is created to achieve this social nourishment that Tobias so desperately needs.

U.S.A. - 2015 - 02:59
Director: Fong Kuo
A crippled, wheelchair-bound boy uses all of his ability to better the community despite facing challenges of his physical stature. 

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